Diamond Solitaire
Diamond Solitaires available with your choice of center stone and metal. Choosing the right diamond and mounting for yourself is part of the fun!

Style # 127-10027   

Engagement rings
14 karat white gold and diamond solitaire ring set with the following:

1 – Brilliant Cut Diamond


Diameter:                                4.94 – 4.98 mm

Depth:                                     2.93 mm

Carat Weight:                          .42 Carat


  Total Depth:                          59.1 %

  Table:                                    58 %

Girdle Thickness:                    Very Thin to Thin      

Culet Size:                               None

Polish:                                     Excellent

Symmetry:                               Very Good

Cut Grade:                              Very Good

Color:                                      G

Clarity:                                    SI1

Fluorescence:                          None


Note:  Stone viewed unmounted.  GIA Certificate #  17644198

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