Three Stone Ring

Three stone rings represent the past, present, and future of your life. You can create a beautifully unique piece to accommodate any budget. With a variety of stones and precious metals to choose from, you can create a special ring that will truly astound her!

                                                                                      Style # 137-10022                                          

Engagement rings


Lady’s white gold three stone diamond and sapphire ring set with the following:

1 – Brilliant Cut Diamond


Diameter:                                4.73 – 4.75mm

Depth:                                     2.94mm

Carat Weight:                          0.40 Carat


  Total Depth:                          62.1%

  Table:                                    57%

Girdle Thickness:                    Medium to Slightly Thick

Culet Size:                               None

Polish:                                     Excellent

Symmetry:                               Excellent

Cut Grade:                              Excellent

Color:                                      G

Clarity:                                    SI1

Fluorescence:                          None


Note: Stone viewed un mounted, RE: Inscription GIA 2155813265


2 – Round Faceted Natural Sapphires


Diameter:                                2.50mm Average

Carat Weight:                          0.15 Carat Total Weight

Hue:                                        violetish Blue

Tone:                                       Medium Dark

Intensity:                                 Strong

Clarity:                                    Eye Clean


Note: Stones viewed un mounted.

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